About Us

I have an unlit pool and emptying it and installing lighting is very expensive....

... Is there another alternative?

In 2013 we came up with the idea of lighting swimming pools in a simple and environmentally friendly way, with a solution so far unique in the market: the use of solar energy underwater.

After two years of study and research, we decided to move forward with the project and patent it. In 2015 we founded our company LedecSun SL. All the development and manufacturing of the underwater solar spotlights is carried out in our facilities located in Malaga, Spain, in this way we ensure that each spotlight reaches quality levels that allow it to have the best possible performance once installed in the pool. Our lights are present in more than 20 countries and thousands of customers now enjoy a solar-lit swimming pool.

U.S Pat. No. 10132455
European Pat. EP 3118392