Moonlight Magnet Model


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Magnetic fixing for liner pools with metal wall.

White lighting.

The Moonlight range offers a warmer light, reminiscent of the reflection of the moon on the water. You can choose the border finish in white or navy. Magnetic fixing for exclusive use in Liner pools with galvanised steel walls.

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Blue, White



Its main feature is the solar charge under water, so it does not involve electricity consumption. For each hour of exposure to the sun you will have one hour of autonomy during the night, reaching an average autonomy of 7 hours (with 7 hours of exposure to the sun).

Automatic On/Off

Our lights have a sensor that detects if it is day or night to start working.

No works or cables

Our lights adhere with the polymer adhesive supplied to any type of pool such as: tiles, plaster, fiberglass or pebble, both in chlorinated and saline water. We also have our MAGNET series spotlights, specially designed for liner pools with steel walls, which are fixed directly to the pool with magnetic fixation without the use of adhesive.

Without emptying the pool

They adhere directly under the water to the wall of the swimming pool, without the need to empty it.


  1. Remove the adhesive with the magnet before installation.
  2. Submerge and carefully approach the area to be fixed.

Large illumination area in a compact design

With a diameter of 308 mm, a thickness of only 12 mm and a weight of 1.2 kg, each unit can illuminate an area of 160 to 215 ft² (15 to 20 m²).



We make shipments in peninsula, Balearic Islands and Canary Islands. As well as international shipments to: Germany, Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Canada, Chile, United States, France, Holland, Italy, Mexico, New Zealand, Panama, Portugal, Puerto Rico, United Kingdom (UK), Czech Republic and Romania.



  1. Remove the adhesive with the magnet before installation.
  2. Submerge and carefully approach the area to be fixed.


2 reviews for Moonlight Magnet Model

  1. Saskia

    This light is all I have been looking for for so many years!

    The magnetism works perfectly and the lamp shines for several hours even on cloudy days (I live in Germany).
    The design of the lamp is also great and because it is so thin, it doesn’t bother you in any way.
    The price-performance ratio is absolutely fine – you get what is promised.

    I can highly recommend this lamp to anyone looking for simple but elegant lighting for their pool!

    It’s too bad that you can only find this company on the internet if you search specifically for ‘LedecSun’.
    I used keywords for my search on Google and by pure chance came across a video with a LedecSun pool lamp on Youtub.
    I hope this company will improve their presence on Google as it deserves all the attention.

  2. Linda Murphy

    Amazing solution to pool lighting when you don’t have an option for an electrical pool fixture. Year 2 with these lights and they are fabulous. Work from dusk for hours. Can’t be more happy with this solution. Can’t understand why these aren’t sold in Home Depot etc.,,

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