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Automatic ON/OFF

Underwater solar charge

Led light

Sticks underwater

Compact design

Rounded surface





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Light up your pool in minutes, yourself:

Its main characteristic is the underwater solar charge, which means no electrical use whatsoever. For each hour of solar charge it will have another one of autonomy at night, reaching up to seven hours of illumination.

No work or wires needed.
It sticks to any type of pool material, in both salted or chlorine water.

No need to empty the pool.
It directly sticks on to the surface by using the provided glue.

Fast installation.
In less than five minutes you will be able to enjoy your lighted pool, with an automatic start since the first night.

Compact design with a big illumination area.
With a 308 mm diametre, 12 mm width and a weight of 1,2 kilograms. Each unit lights up a 15 to 20 m².

1. Remove adhesive

1. Remove adhesive

Remove adhesive material with the magnet before installation.

2. Cut applicator nozzle

2. Cut applicator nozzle

Cut off the nozzle of the polymer adhesive applicator (included).

3. Apply the entire content

3. Apply the entire content

Apply the entire content to the center of the rear panel.

4. Press the light

4. Press the light

Press the light firmly against the wall for a few seconds in the chosen location at about 20/30cm depth


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