How is it installed?

The installation is very simple, just apply the flexible adhesive on the back and press it on the wall of the pool directly underwater.

To install the Magnet models (only suitable for liner pools with galvanized steel walls), you only have to bring the light closer to the pool wall so that they are fixed, thanks to its magnetic fixing system, the installation will be instantaneous.

Are they installed directly under water?

Yes, the adhesive included is suitable for installation directly under water.

What types of pool can they be installed in?

They can be installed in all types of swimming pools: Tiles, fibreglass, liner, plaster, pebble, etc.

Can they be used in liner pools?

For liner pools we have Magnet models. No adhesive is required for installation as they have a built-in magnetic fixing system (only suitable for liner pools with galvanised steel walls).

Should they be directly exposed to the sun under water?

Yes, their correct autonomy depends on it. It is important that the installation is done on the wall of the sunniest pool. For each hour of exposure to the sun they will have one hour of autonomy.

Can they be installed in saltwater pools?

Yes, they can be installed in both saltwater and chlorinated pools.

How can they be uninstalled?

To uninstall the light, rotate it firmly in one direction until the central point of flexible adhesive peels off. Do not lever with any tools, otherwise you could damage the light or the pool surface.

Can i install them over the old electric spotlights?

Although the lights can be adhered to the holes of the old electric spotlights, it is important to take into account that the wall where they are located is sunny and that the niche is previously waterproofed. It is also important to take into account the size of the pool, each of our models has a maximum intensity of 320 lm and can illuminate an area of between 15 and 20 m2.

Can the light be installed deeper?

Yes, although we recommend installing them between 20 and 30 cm deep to facilitate their installation, they can be installed deeper if the pool requires it.

Are they resistant to cleaning robots?

Yes, both the adhesive and the light resist robot cleaning.

Is it necessary to remove them during the winter?

The lights can be left in place during the winter even if the pool is covered with a winter awning. However, it is advisable to uninstall them if the pool is going to be emptied or there are strong frosts during the winter.

If i remove them in winter, how can they be better preserved?

To keep lights out of the pool for long periods of time, remove them after they have charged their batteries for a few hours. Then put the adhesive back with the magnet you removed in your installation. The lights have a magnetic switch inside and this will prevent it from being switched on during the first few hours of operation. Months that is not in operation, keeping the battery charged for conservation.

Can the lights be exposed directly to the sun without being submerged?

The lights must always remain submerged. It is not advisable for the lights to be exposed to the sun out of the water as they will reach high temperatures and this may reduce the life of the batteries.



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