Types of pool lights you need to know about

Types of pool lights you need to know about

Types of pool lights you need to know about


There are many types of pool lights on the market, all with different features and advantages that are useful for lighting your pool with the most aesthetic and modern designs and styles.

In this post we explain which are the best LED spotlights on the market, which one is best for you depending on the type of pool you have and where you can get them.

The most common types of spotlights for in-ground pools

Adhesive fixed swimming pool spotlights

This is a type of pool light that is attached to the wall by means of a high-strength polymer.

Once attached, it is impossible for it to fall off or become detached on its own.

The main advantage of this lamp is that it is very easy to attach. The adhesive is poured onto the back surface of the lamp, the lamp is submerged in the water and pushed firmly onto the wall.

And the best thing is that you can do it yourself without any inconvenience.

What’s more, no building work is required for installation.

There are two models on the market that are ultra-efficient and durable. Let’s take a look at their main features.

  • DeepBlue pool light: it is characterised by an intense deep blue light that makes the water look like that of the open sea.
  • Moonlight pool light: has a warm white light, resembling the light of the moon as it hits the water.


Both pool lighting systems come with 2 adhesive tubes and you can choose the colour of their borders between blue and white.

Another of its benefits is that it does not consume electricity because it is charged by the sun in relation to one hour of illumination.

They switch on automatically at sunset, do not require any building work to install, you do not need to empty the pool and each spotlight can light up to 20 m2.

Magnetically fixed pool lights

These LED lights for metal wall liner pools are modern and have a fixing system that only requires you to remove the protective tape and bring it close to the wall to be fixed.This type of pool light also has an automatic shut-off, is charged by the sun, does not require building work or cables, does not need the pool to be empty to be installed and has a lighting range of 20 m2.

The most popular models on the market are:

  • DeepBlue Magnet model: deep blue pool lighting for metal wall liner pools.
  • Moonlight Magnet model: white pool lighting for metal wall liner pools.


Other types of pool lights

Of course, there are more types of pool lights available. Let’s take a look at their classification.

Depending on the type of lamps

These pool lights are divided into two types: halogen lights, which have a conventional lighting system, and LED lights, which are modern, efficient and more powerful.

Of course, if you are looking to light your pool with an innovative and trendy type of spotlight, we recommend that you use LEDs, as they will even help you save money on electricity bills.

According to their fastening system

In the second classification of pool lights, we have those that are recessed into the wall and the extra-flat ones that are simply installed on the surface of the wall.

It is important to mention that the spotlights that are embedded in the wall require building work for their installation and, in most cases, they also need an electrical connection to work.

Depending on the pool material

The classification also includes two types of spotlights depending on the pool.

Firstly, there are LED spotlights for liner pools with metal walls, which are magnetically attached to the surface.

Secondly, there are spotlights for concrete pools, which can be embedded or fixed by means of a strong adhesive.

Floating pool lights

Surface spotlights for swimming pools are those that are placed in the water of the pool and float freely to illuminate the water.

They are available in the shape of spheres, flowers, pyramids, puffs, cubes and other designs that make the pool look elegant and modern.

These types of pool lights are charged by the sun.

It is important to mention that the spotlights that are embedded in the wall require building work for their installation and, in most cases, they also need an electrical connection to work.

Swimming pool lights for removable swimming pools

These lights are used for removable, self-supporting, above-ground and rigid pools.

To install it, you must adapt it to the pool’s return valve and that’s it.

It works without a battery and does not require any building work to install it.

It only requires a water flow of up to 3,000 litres per hour to switch on and operate optimally.

Swimming pool floodlights for outdoor paving

The following types of pool lights are those that are installed in the pavement around the pool, illuminating the walkway and the water.

White light LED spotlights

These are white light bulbs that are used in any of the types of pool lighting systems described above.

The white light gives a more personal and natural tone.

Swimming pool floodlights adapted to the architecture

It is a very modern and architectural way of illuminating the pool.

In fact, it is becoming increasingly popular because of its aesthetic results.

These types of pool lights are installed on the architectural elements of the house facing the pool, making it look like an original whole.

LED spotlights with coloured lights

We also have coloured spotlights, ideal for events and parties where you want to attract attention and leave an unforgettable impression on your guests.

They come in green, red, blue, magenta, cyan, yellow and much more.

Each of the different types of pool lights have different advantages that make them the best choice for your pool.

Choose the one you like the most and give your pool a modern touch.